Last updated on November 29, 2021
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Explore your Life Settlement and Viatical Settlement Options

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Sell your Life Insurance Policy

You might be surprised to find out that you can sell your life insurance policy if you no longer want or need it. Selling your life insurance is relatively simple and is formally referred to as a life settlement. We’re simplifying the life settlement process to help people avoid lapsing their valuable policies.


In a life settlement transaction the life insurance policyholder transfers ownership to a life insurance policy buyer known as a provider. The former policyholder is no longer responsible for the premiums and receives a cash payment that’s larger than the surrender value of the policy. The life settlement provider is now responsible for all expenses related to the policy.

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Mason simplified the Life Settlement process.

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500KNumber of older Americans who lapse their policies every year.
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75Average age of qualified policy owners
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60SecondsFind out what your policy could be worth in less than a minute.
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Life Settlements

We’ve built a life settlement process that is fast, transparent, and easy to help you get more for your policy.


Fast: Get an instant estimate of what your policy is worth

We’ll give you an estimate in less than 60 seconds. Get started with our Life Settlement Calculator now.


Transparent: Get an estimate of your policy value from the start

Our instant estimate gives you the information you need to feel empowered during the life settlement transaction process.


Easy: Get personalized service with our experienced team

Our streamlined process takes the work out of your hands.

Viatical Settlement

The viatical settlement process is almost exactly the same as that for a standard life settlement.


The key distinction for a viatical settlement is that the policyholder must be either terminally or chronically ill. You can learn about the other important differences and considerations on our viatical settlement page.


We’ll give you an instant estimate of what your policy is worth to help you better navigate the process of selling your policy.

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Discover your policy value in seconds:

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Get Started in Minutes

We’ll get you on the path to financial security before you can blink an eye.


Information is Everything

We provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions that are right for you.

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Technology Powered

We use technology to streamline the process and minimize paperwork.

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