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Did you know that you can sell your life insurance just like any other asset?

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Life settlement awareness

Most people don’t realize that their life insurance policy is an asset. We’re creating awareness around life settlements to help people avoid lapsing their valuable policies.


In a life settlement transaction the life insurance policy holder transfers ownership to a life insurance policy buyer known as a provider. The former policy holder is no longer responsible for the premiums and receives a cash payment that’s larger than the surrender value of the policy. The life settlement provider is now responsible for all expenses related to the policy.


We aim to simplify the life settlement process with our life settlement estimate calculator and seamless application. After you apply we’ll match you with government providers that are licensed to purchase policies in your state.

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Planning Retirement

Life settlements are just the beginning

We know that the retirement planning and services that exist today are not good enough. You deserve better.


While we’re proud of what we’ve created around life settlements this is only the beginning of our mission to serve you. We just launched a retirement planning calculator that’s built with you in mind. The calculator helps to answer the question, “Will I run out of money during my retirement?”. Check it out here.


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