About Mason Finance

Today tens of millions of older Americans live in poverty and every day thousands more fall into financial despair. To reverse this trend, we use technology to give Americans simple and affordable access to the financial products they need.

Confidence in one’s ability to retire comfortably, or even retire at all is at an all-time low. We strive to bring financial security for all – not only to the few –  and we think we can help.

Longer and healthier lives are the greatest achievement of our time. But underfunded retirements can sour that achievement for financially insecure older adults.

Retirees and pre-retirees need to take control of their own financial well-being, now more than ever before. Driving for greater financial literacy can help bridge that gap. However changes in pension and retirement plans, rising healthcare expenses and longer lifespans are making retirement planning a complex problem.

We believe that individuals are able to make the decisions that serves their interests best provided they are presented with clear and tailored financial plans that takes their personal circumstances into account.

Our team at Mason Finance also pulls in years of experience in Finance, Healthcare and Technology to help Americans achieve financial security today.

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