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When it comes to life settlements, there’s a lot of information – and misinformation.

As the industry becomes more prevalent in the public conscious, increasing numbers of seniors are seeking more knowledge before selling their policy. Whether it’s basic questions (like “what is a life settlement?”) or more complex ones (like taxes and trusts) life insurance customers want good, relevant information.

At Mason Finance, we strive to provide objective information on everything from life settlement company reviews to tips on investing in a life settlement, we wanted to share a number of our favorite blogs and resources from around the internet. Take a look below if you’re looking for more quality reading material on life settlements.

The following blogs are listed in no particular order. All are great resources to learn more about life settlements.

Nothing makes a good impression like a website whose front page features an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and whose slugline is “Do Your Homework” (something we constantly remind our readers in this industry). With both an extensive blog and viatical case studies, is a great resource if you want to better understand how a long term health problem affects your settlement options.

Before starting ReverseLifeInsurance, CEO Bud Dean worked as a senior life insurance executive. Through this career, he discovered just how important a life insurance policy can be but also how seedy insurance companies can be – in particular how they often prevented agents from telling their clients about the option to sell their policy.  

So in 2006, he created to provide trustworthy information from a group of industry experts, with basics such as “What Is Reverse Life Insurance” and “Understanding Life Settlement Brokers and Providers

When it comes to established resources, nothing compares to LISA (the Life Insurance Settlement Group). As the oldest and largest trade organization in the life settlement industry, LISA has informational resources for brokers and policy holders, including consumer stories and a list of educational resources and regulations by state.

While LISA is a treasure trove for in-depth information, it can be a little overwhelming. Unless you prefer full, comprehensive news and blog posts, it’s a good idea to go to LISA with a specific question in mind.

The Deal is slightly different than other entries on our list. It’s a heavy industry publication with arguably the most current and accurate figures on the life settlement industry. While their annual “Life Settlements Report” is expensive to access, their press release provides a great primer on company and industry growth, with references to the face value percentage that companies have been paying for policies.

While not necessarily for a casual reader, you’re not going to find a more in-depth publication than The Deal.

Your favorite site for all things stock related actually has one of the most exhaustive lists of definitions, scenarios and explainers on the life settlement industry. Death Bonds? Transferable Insurance Policies? Taxes on premiums? They have it all.

The downside to investopedia is their site isn’t easily navigable. Unless you have a specific search term, be prepared to find yourself in a wormhole of clicking through definitions. But if you’re looking for thorough answers to niche concepts, not many sites will rival investopedia.

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