Last updated on December 21, 2020

Introducing Mason Finance’s “Life Insurance Settlements” White Paper

Billions of dollars of life insurance policies lapse each year due to financial constraints facing millions of seniors across the country. This white paper explains the complexity of the problems and how people can obtain the cash out of their policy through a life insurance settlement.


life insurance settlements wp

Our comprehensive life insurance settlements white paper takes a deep look into the life settlement industry and how these life insurance policies are affecting millions of people 65 and above. We take a look at why people purchase life insurance, how their insurance needs change over time, and the financial impact the expensive premium payments and lapsed life insurance policies are having on the elderly across the country.


We examine why people would consider selling their life insurance policy and the financial impact escalating retirement expenses are having on the elder population as a whole. This guide explores the facts and myths surrounding the life settlement industry, and why so few people know this option exists for themselves and their loved ones.


This white paper includes:


  • What Life Settlements are and how they work
  • How Life Settlements offer Financial Protection
  • Financial Problems facing Retiring Population
  • Lack of Awareness about Life Settlements
  • Life Settlements’ Impact on American Economy
  • Life Settlements Myths and Facts
  • Life Settlements’ Impact on American Economy – Facts and Figures

Download the entire white paper today.