Last updated on July 30, 2019

Life Settlement Guide: Chapter 5

How does the Life Settlement process work – The Mason Finance Way?

Traditionally, the life settlement process has been time consuming and expensive. At Mason Finance, we’ve built a process that aims to be fast, fair, and for everyone. We streamline all the paperwork and buy the policies directly, giving you more money for your policy. No more broker’s fees and commissions or months of waiting. Just three easy steps.


Step 1: Get an Estimate


First, fill out the online life settlement calculator. Not only does this give you an instant estimate of how much your policy might be worth, it provides us important information regarding you life insurance policy and current health status. The entire application process takes only a few minutes.


Step 2: Receive an Offer


Once received, we will review your application. If your policy qualifies, we will make you an offer. Then, you can then decide whether to accept or not. Consult your friends, family, and financial advisor to determine whether a life settlement meets your current needs.


Step 3: Get Paid


If you choose to accept, all that’s left is to agree to the terms. Once finalized, we can get you paid!