Last updated on March 30, 2021

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What is RetireScore™?

RetireScore™ is a retirement calculator that provides you with a personal assessment of your financial planning for retirement. RetireScore™ combines information about you, your health status, and your financial situation to answer the question: “Will I run out of money in retirement?”.


RetireScore™ is the first retirement calculator of its kind. Many other calculators can tell you about your finances or your health but none combine the two different pieces to answer the questions that you really care about.


RetireScore™ takes less than 2 minutes to complete and provides recommendations, such as selling your life insurance policy, when you are done. We think it’s the best retirement calculator available.

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What does my RetireScore™ mean?

Your RetireScore™ tells you how likely it is that your money will last you through your retirement. More simply said, you can find out whether you have enough money for your retirement or not.


The primary objective of RetireScore™ is to help educate you on how your current health status and financial situation are affecting your ability to sustain your target lifestyle as you age.


Through questions about your health RetireScore™ predicts your longevity (how long you will live) and through questions about your finances predicts your available income as you age.


We hope you find RetireScore™ useful and look forward to your feedback. We build our products for you!

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