Last updated on October 8, 2018

Do I Qualify to Sell My Life Insurance?

A “Life Settlement” is a financial opportunity to sell your life insurance policy for an amount of money that is greater than its cash surrender value. It is a great financial tool to boost your retirement nest egg, pay off costly medical bills and supplement your retirement income. But, not everyone is qualified to wring cash from their life insurance. Let us help you get an answer to “Can I sell my Life Insurance?”.


There are a few basic requirements in order to qualify for selling your policy – we will go through the key ones in this article.

Your Age and Health

Your Age is the most important criteria in determining eligibility. Typically, the minimum age requirement is 65 years.


However, recent negative changes in health may make your policy eligible for sale even if you are below the 65 year old cut off.


Less Likely (*)


More Likely


Very Likely

(*) Unless of poor health.
Your Policy Payout

The minimum face value is $100,000. A lower face value can be considered for applicants with serious health risks. Do not confuse face value with the actual value of your policy: face value refers to the amount of money your beneficiaries will receive upon your death.

Below $100,000

Less Likely (*)

Over $100,000

Very Likely

(*) Unless of poor health.
Your Policy Type

Not all policies may be transacted. Whole and Universal life policies are easily transacted. Depending on the associated cost, convertible Term-life may also be considered. Because premium costs are hard to anticipate, Variable life policies are less likely to be eligible.

Variable, Group

Convertible Term-Life

More Likely

Universal & Whole Life

Very Likely

Eligible? Let’s help you estimate your policy. 

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